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Seats are limited. All are welcomed however verterans and thier families will be given preference.

Please join us at the American Legion Post #92


American Legion Post 92 Stanwood, WA

This is a free presentation.

Michael Scott will be presenting how Cannabis improve and save life's. Additionally, How cannabis helps PTSD and can save veteran's. Stay tuned the announcement of a special guest presenter!


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Further Your Knowledge

Learn how plant medicines such as cannabis are amazing and powerful medicines that can help us heal our body, mind and spirit. .


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Curious about CBD, THC, CBN... what are these compounds? Is CBD better? Join us to find out more!

Event Topic

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Understand what is legal and what is not with cannabis possession and growing

Topic 3

Learn about the amazing endocannabinoid system an how it is helping us achieve balance. Learn more

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Learn how to make a basic tincture and salve to have more ownership and conrol over your medicine

Topic 6

Learn about cannabis and how it helps individuals with PTSD.

Speaker's Panel


Michael Scott


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Michael Scott


Driven by life-threatening illness several years ago, Michael set out to better understand ways to address health issues. Michael has spent the last several years traveling nationally and internationally documenting hundreds of hours of interviews and presentations of the top scientist, researchers, and doctors investigating cannabis. These experiences have inspired Michael to be an advocate for patients’ rights to access and use hemp and cannabis..

"When I share my knowledge with others I feel that I'm giving back to the community that helped me so much."

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Ellen Muench


Ellen has a passion for creating simple natural medicines for her family and friends. Learn from her the basics on how to make a simple salve and a simple tinctures.

"Making medicines is a way you can take charge of your health. It allows you to know what it is in your medicine and empowers you to take control of your health."

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Cannabis Advocate

Sebastian, a native of Seattle, has a longstanding interest in all matters to do with consciousness, cannabis, and plant-based medicines. His focus has always been on innovation, helping take long-standing indigenous technologies and practices from across the world and transforming them into a forward-thinking, American form. By stripping away the dogmatic beliefs that often surround those practices, and applying a certain scientific standard, he wants to provide people with safe, easy access to the medicines that they need.

"When I share my knowledge with others I feel that I'm giving back to the community that helped me so much."

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Vicky Smith

UI/UX Designer - Little Big

This speaker has gathered an impressive amount of knowledge while working as team member and team leader for different sized companies all over the world. Its insights are extremely valuable for Rose's public.

"When I share my knowledge with others I feel that I'm giving back to the community that helped me so much."

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Whom is this event intended for?

This event was organized for any one that want to learn about cannabis. The event is open for anyone who wants to gain more knowledge about cannabis.

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Do I need to buy any materials?

This engagement is a free even for all. Just bring yourself and an open mind.

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Why should I come, maybe it's a waste of time?

If you are looking to start using cannabis for healing this event is the place to be to get your questions answered.

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Can I bring my friend to the event?

We encourage you to bring anyon you would like.

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Are there any restriction or things I should know about?

Yes you definitely need to leave your preconceptions behind, keep an open mind and enjoy the presentations which have carefully been prepared by our speakers just for you.

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What are the costs to attend this year?

This event is free for all that attend


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26921 88th Ave NW, Stanwood, WA 98292


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